About the Leigh Day Uber Claim

The claim for Uber drivers is brought by law firm Leigh Day, leading employment and discrimination lawyers.

We don’t act for big corporations; we act for individuals. Our aim is to ensure that Uber drivers receive proper pay for the work that they do, including paid holiday and the National Minimum Wage.

We believe that Uber drivers should be classified as workers, not independent contractors as Uber claims. Taxi and private hire companies that operate like Uber have denied worker status for drivers for too long. We are bringing the claim on behalf on tens of thousands of Uber drivers to ensure they are paid fairly and receive workers' rights.

Now is the time to challenge this unfair treatment to ensure drivers receive the workers' rights they deserve. We are acting on behalf of drivers who are taking legal action against Uber for unfair treatment. If we are successful, Uber drivers across the UK may be entitled to compensation up to £12,000 if they join the claim.

We have already been successful in the Employment Tribunal, Employment Appeal Tribunal and Court of Appeal for this claim. The Tribunal ruled that Uber drivers were workers, not self-employed contractors. However, Uber appealed to the Supreme Court.

The final hearing is taking place in the Supreme Court in July 2020 and based on our past wins, we believe that this hearing should also go in the favour of our clients. We are optimistic that Uber drivers will be granted workers' rights and that Uber will be forced to compensate those drivers who join the claim. 

We want to ensure that Uber drivers receive proper pay for the work that they do, including holiday pay and the National Minimum Wage.

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