Uber Supreme Court Decision

22 February 2021
Author: Drivers Claim Team

The entire Gig Economy has been delivered a huge upset after a landmark ruling against Uber was handed down by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court hearing took place in July 2020 with the judgement being handed down today 19thFebruary 2021, during which Uber unsuccessfully attempted to defend their decision to treat their drivers as independent contractors, rather than workers.


The ruling follows a lengthy case which has been prolonged by Uber appealing the initial Employment Tribunal ruling, which stated that drivers were in fact workers and entitled to workers' rights. Uber challenged this ruling in an Employment Appeal Tribunal, which again ruled that drivers should be classed as workers. Uber then submitted an appeal to Court of Appeal which also found in the drivers’ favour and then the Supreme Court, which is where the final decision has been handed down.


What does this mean for Uber drivers?

The Supreme Court ruling ensures that all Uber drivers authorised to work in the UK will now be entitled to claim workers' rights, including to be paid at least the National Minimum Wage and to receive holiday pay and paid leave. Before this landmark ruling, Uber considered the worker status of all its drivers as third-party contractors. This meant that drivers were not entitled to standard workers' rights.


In the Court of Appeal Uber argued that they were solely a third-party private hire app, who connected users with drivers. According to Uber, this meant they were not required to provide workers' rights to any of their drivers as their employment status was not considered Uber's responsibility.


This has now been ruled against and thousands of Uber drivers will receive the workers' rights they deserve. Uber are now responsible for providing drivers with workers' rights including the minimum wage paid to its drivers.


Will drivers receive compensation?

Only drivers who bring a claim will be eligible to receive compensation as part of the court’s ruling. We estimate that the average Uber driver will be entitled to around £12,000 in compensation. We are claiming compensation on behalf of drivers to cover unpaid holiday and those drivers who received less than the National Minimum Wage. Thousands of Uber drivers across the UK are eligible to join the claim.


Leigh Day, the solicitors who helped to bring the claim against Uber on behalf of a group of drivers are acting on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means that drivers who are part of the claim will only be charged a 25% (plus VAT) fee, taken from the compensation they receive. You can find more information on the costs of the claim in our FAQs.


Join the Uber driver claim

Joining the claim is straightforward and only takes around two minutes to complete using our simple online form. We don't require you to provide any documents such as tax returns to find out if you are eligible. Simply complete the form and accept the Funding Agreement Summary document to join.


The Funding Agreement document simply describes how we are paid if you receive compensation.


Without agreeing to this, we will not be able to proceed with your claim in the tribunal and you will not be eligible to receive compensation. For more information about the costs or sign-up process please visit our information page here.


If you currently drive for Uber or have driven for Uber in the past, then you could be eligible to join the claim. You can join the claim by completing our online sign-up form here. If you would like to find out more information you can speak to a friendly legal expert by calling 020 3780 0395.



Last updated 22 February 2021 by the Drivers Claim Team

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